CANDLE - Center for the Advancement of Natural Discoveries using Light Emission - is a project of 3 gigaelectronvolts energy, third generation synchrotron light source for fundamental, industrial and applied research in biology, physics, chemistry, medicine, material and environmental sciences.
  The spectrum of the light cover the region from the ultraviolet to hard X-ray region enabling the investigations at the cell, protein, virus, molecular and atomic levels. The brightness of CANDLE light exceeds the conventional X-Ray tubes by billion times. In total the facility can serve more than 40 research groups simultaneously supporting the spectroscopy, scattering, imaging and the time resolved experiments. The facility emphasized by the state-of-the-art design providing the stable operation with the beam lifetime of more than 18 hours.

The design report of the new facility has been completed in 2002 

  CANDLE Design Report

The new project received:

  • Support of Armenian Government,  Resolution.   04 December 2008.


  •  Favorable review of the Expert's Panel established by  US National Science Foundation 

 Review Panel

  • Support of European Synchrotron Light Laboratories 


  • Support of European Round Table on Synchrotron Radiation and FEL 

 Round Table

  • High evaluation by the US Academies Committee on Science and Technology in Armenia 

US Academies

  • Recognition by the international scientific community  

CERN Courier

  • ICFA Sub-Panel Statement on CANDLE  

ICFA Statement

   It is our vision and desire that CANDLE will be an international facility providing an opportunity for the scientists in the region and beyond to have access to a user-friendly, world-class, third generation light source.

We address to the international scientific community to support the project by joining the Petition  proceeded by the National Academy of Science, Yerevan State University and the Armenian Physical Society . With your voice and support we become stronger in our effort to succeed the CANDLE project. 


Last updated 24 November 2009

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