Ultrafast Beams and Applications 04-07 July 2017, CANDLE, Armenia
International Workshop

The tremendous progress in the generation of ultrafast electron and photon beams during the last decade has opened new horizons for dynamic process studies at cell, molecular and atomic levels. The aim of the workshop is to organize a forum for the scientists from diverse fields of accelerator physics, laser physics, life and materials sciences to discuss the highlights of physics and applications of ultrafast electron and photon beams, with an emphasis on low energy relativistic electron and Infrared–THz photon beams. The main topics of the workshop are:

  • Ultrashort electron beam sources
  • Radiation sources and FELs
  • Advanced accelerator concepts
  • Instrumentation and experimental techniques
  • Applications in life and materials sciences

The host institution has recently completed the construction of laser driven AREAL electron accelerator and DELTA laboratory with laser scanning two-photon microscopy and laser microfabrication stations. An excursion to the institute laboratories and presentations of the first results at new facilities are foreseen.


Workshop co-chairs:

Klaus Floettmann (DESY, Germany)

Vasili Tsakanov (CANDLE, Armenia)