About Us

CANDLE – Center for the Advancement of Natural Discoveries using Light Emission

CANDLE synchrotron research institute was founded in 2002. The aim of the institute is the creation of a unique modern scientific and experimental infrastructure in the region, the development of accelerator physics and technology, the study of new sources of radiation and their applications, the maintenance and improvement of the possibilities of the implementation of the synchrotron radiation source project in Armenia, the implementation of experimental research using electron and photon precision beams.

The important areas of activity of the institute are the use and development of the AREAL linear accelerator with a laser cannon, and a laser microscope, and the DELTA laboratory with its two microfabrication stations.

The long-term scientific programs of the institute are mainly aimed at solving modern problems of accelerator physics, implementation of the AREAL linear accelerator experimental program, and establishment of an accelerator user community.

The institute cooperates with such large international scientific and educational organizations as DESY, PSI, University of Hamburg, INFN, Northern Illinois University, FERMILAB, etc., that represent Germany, Switzerland, USA, Italy and England.