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CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute encourages scientists and scientific groups from diverse fields of basic and applied sciences (physics, biology, chemistry, life, materials and environmental sciences, accelerator science and technology, bio- and nanotechnologies) to propose experiments to be carried out on CANDLE SRI main research facilities.

       • AREAL  electron accelerator          • DELTA microscopy station          • DELTA micro-fabrication station

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Submitted proposals will be evaluated regularly on a monthly basis. The proposal should be within one A4 standard page, representing the annotation of the intended experimental research. Accepted proposals will be engaged in the experimental programs at the above-mentioned facilities.

Interested scientists are encouraged to learn more about the research facilities and latest developments by contacting CANDLE scientists and by reviewing detailed instrument descriptions available on the CANDLE web page.

To submit the proposal, please fill the form below or send by e-mail the corresponding one page PDF file of the proposal to

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Proposal submission

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AREAL electron acceleratorDELTA microscopy stationDELTA micro-fabrication station

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