Hardware R&D


Coordinator –  Hamlet Isunts                                                Albert Davtyan






S-Band TW Accelerating Structures

OFHC-Copper Prototyping 

Accelerating Structure (1.5 m) for AREAL




 Transverse Deflecting Cavities


Aluminium Prototyping


TDC Design & Production at CANDLE 


TDC Vacuum Brazing, Cleaning, RF Tuning at DESY



Quadrupole Magnets



Solenoid Magnets

078                                                     Solenoid





Dipole Magnets 

tupro7-400x202                                  tupro8              


Steering Magnets

Chanel 2                                     788         


Scientific Production Division



Experiments on CF Flanges joints’ multiple usages




   Simulations of the CF flanges tightening processes with soft and hard gaskets


Comparative research of CF Flanges sealing zone


Experimental research of silver-copper-based filler alloys’ of various brands




Long and short waveguides brazing in high vacuum conditions

S-band RF coupling cells unit 3D model and manufactured assembly



Simulation of temperature change influence on nodes’ displacements of the accelerator structures’ cells

Copper and germanium thermal vacuum deposition on silicate glass substrates