AREAL performance after planned maintenance

In the period of June-July 2015 works of modernizing and fine adjustment of accelerator components and sub-systems were carried out. All the maintenance work was done during the machine performance improvements.

As a result, the Forward RF power reached ~ 6.3 MW and obtained electron beam energy measured ~ 4.7 MeV. After completing necessary adjustment and preparation procedures, a new nominal operation mode is now available for experiments to be carried out.

The performed work included:

  • Optimization of cathode position, RF components and gun resonance stability
  • Optimization and modernization of gun cooling system
  • Measurements and fine tune of High Power RF components
  • Optimization of timing and synchronization system
  • Maintenance work for all systems

New nominal operation mode is available with the following parameters:

  • Energy (max) – 4.7 MeV
  • Charge (max) – 10-250 pC
  • Bunch Length – 0.4ps – 10ps
  • Energy spread – ~1.5 %
  • RF Pulse Repetition rate – 1-20 Hz

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