For Students

CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute offers the following research topics for Master and PhD students of Yerevan State University and National Polytechnic University of Armenia in the field of accelerator physics and engineering.

Master’s thesis topics

  • Beam dynamics simulations for space charge dominated electron beams. (B. Grigoryan)
  • Electron photoemission process study for different metallic cathodes. (B. Grigoryan)
  • Multi-objective genetic algorithms for dynamic aperture nonlinear optimization. (A. Sargsyan)
  • The impedance of a lossy circular waveguide. (M. Ivanyan)
  • Magnet design, simulation and field measurements for the AREAL linac. (V. Khachatryan)
  • Emittance preservation in linear accelerators ( V. Tsakanov)

PHD research topics

  • The beam physics of ultrahigh brightness synchrotron light facilities (A. Sargsyan)
  • Self-consistent solutions of internal problems of electrodynamics. (M. Ivanyan)
  • Study of 5 MeV electron beam induced radiation impact on the crystalline substances. (V. Khachatryan)
  • The study of new high frequency accelerating structures. ( V. Tsakanov)
  • The study of Table-top free electron lasers in THz region. ( V. Tsakanov)


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