March 5, 2018

Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Microdevices

A new Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Microdevices has been launched at CANDLE SRI, which will promote the applied research in the broad fields of materials sciences.

The main objectives of laboratory group are the design and development of a Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis process for fabrication of powders and ceramics of advanced materials and nanocomposites, as well as preparation and optimization of technologies for producing nanolayers and nanostructures.

The activities of the Laboratory are directed to the following specific research areas:

  • Ferroelectric/multi-ferroelectric multi-functional materials, nano-layers and microwave integral circuits.
  • Metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitance and insulated-gate field-effect transistor chemical sensors and biosensors.
  • Soft and strong magnetic powders, ceramics and thin films.
  • Lithium-ion batteries and Soled Oxide Fuel cells.
  • Advanced material/nanomaterial compositions for systems of hydrogen generation from sunlight.

The scientific activities of the group will also promote the development of multi-functional materials and devices used in accelerator technologies.