March 19, 2021

Installation of a new scanning electron microscope at CANDLE SRI

The Zeiss Evo 10 scanning electron microscope (SEM) has been installed at CANDLE and now is in full operation. CANDLE team highly appreciates the Grant by “Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation” which allowed to obtain the brand-new SEM. The microscope is a unique equipment for a research laboratory unit to be established at CANDLE and named after Mr. Jirair Hovnanian, the founder and first president of CANDLE SRI.

The installation of SEM has been performed by Dr. Almaz Khasanov (a Carl Zeiss engineer) who carried out a 3-day instruction course for CANDLE staff. The Evo 10 SEM manufactured by Carl Zeiss AG is a unique tool for surface analyses and will significantly enhance the materials characterization capacities at CANDLE.

The instrument is equipped with different types of detectors which allow high-resolution imaging and elemental analysis of a large class of organic and inorganic samples. The unique feature of Evo 10 is that high-quality data can be obtained easily and quickly, with minimum requirements for sample preparation. The surface features can be imaged in magnifications ranging from 7X to 1,000,000X, enabling the morphology and composition analyses of nanoscale regions of the samples.

CANDLE researchers and AREAL users can take the advantage of these features to perform advanced and innovative research in the fields of materials study and nanotechnology, biological and biomedical research, solid state physics, electronics and optics, engineering and more.