Advanced materials and micro-devices

Project Description: 

The works carried out at the laboratory of Advanced materials and micro devices include design, fabrication/synthesis (by non-traditional way: Self Propagating High Temperature Syntheses) and characterization of novel advanced multi-functional materials (such as ferroelectrics, hard/soft magnetic materials, multiferroics, solid-oxide fuel cell components, membranes, etc.) and devices for energy, microwave, environmental and biomedical applications, as well as, preparation and optimization of technologies for producing nano-layers and nano-structures. The efforts are directed towards understanding the kinetics and mechanism of structure formation and prediction of their functional physical-chemical properties. This understanding is used to enhance the efficiency of technological processes and material properties.

  • Production of micro- and nano-devices
  • Production of biomedical devices and equipment
  • Components for energy producing systems based on renewable energy
  • Electron accelerator parts
  • Electron accelerator structures
  • Self Propagating High Temperature Syntheses are characterized by:
  • Front propagation (burning) velocity (0.1–20 cm/s)
  • Maximum combustion temperature (1300–3800 K)
  • Heating rate in the combustion front (103–106 K/s).
  • Vacuum furnaces (up to 2600 0C; 10e-6 Torr).
  • High temperature furnaces up to 1500 0C .
  • Press up to 100 ton.

SHS technological types are characterized by the following features:

  • low energy consumption (in most cases it is only necessary for initiating an SHS process);
  • simple technological equipment, its high productive capacity and ecological;
  • decreased number of technological stages in comparison with conventional technologies;
  • feasibility of production lines adaptable to production of different materials and items and amenable to mechanization and automation;
  • possible substitution of raw materials with cheaper ones for producing one and the same product.

Materials (that are synthesized and based on them devices/equipment are made) are:

  • intermetallides, chalcogenides, phosphides, hydrides, etc;
  • inorganic composites (ceramics, cermets, mineraloceramics, composite materials, etc.);
  • reduced elements (B, Ti, Mo, etc.).
  • research
  • design
  • manufacturing/realization
  • testing
  • prototype
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Contact Person:

Dr. Norayr Williams Martirosyan, PhD


Head of Advanced materials and micro-devices laboratory

Phone: +37493242006