Deposition of thin films

Project Description: 

Thermal vacuum thin film deposition using different evaporation sources (tungsten, tantalum, quartz, molibdenum, corundum (Al2O3) enables obtaining thickness on the substrate from nanomteres to micrometers. The technology offered allows obtaining thin films from aluminium, chrome, germanium, silver, gold and cooper on the substrates from different materials (e.g. quartz, glass, steels, cooper, ceramics, etc.).


  • Semiconductors
  • Plating
  • Mirrors’ production
  • Optical coatings
  • Accelerators’ cathode (electron source) coating
  • Max. substrate temperature 300 0C
  • Max. evaporation source temperature 2200 0C
  • Max. number of simultaneously evaporated sources  = 3
  • Vacuum level (10e-5 Torr)
  • Flexible approach to technologies
  • High repeatability of experiments
  • Wide range of shapes for evaportation sources
  • Max. diameter of the substrate = 75 mm
  • Evaporation sources operate alternately (during 1 process)
  • Using of materials not intended for vacuum evaporation
  • research
  • realization
  • operation

Contact Person:

Dr. Volodymyr Dekhtiarov, PhD


Head of engineering-technological department

Phone: +37477348316