Vacuum brazing of specific high technology components

Project description: 

Vacuum technology laboratory implements procedures of vacuum brazing for copper, stainless steel, ceramics and glasses. Brazing is conducted in vacuum furnaces with different ultimate temperature and active volume. Vacuum brazing gives possibility to obtain strength and vacuum tight joints between similar metals (copper-copper) and non-similar metals (copper-stainless steel, stainless steel- ceramics).

Experts of the laboratory can provide consultancy and training to proprietary laboratory techniques and technology of brazing. The laboratory is also specialized in the design of advanced technology for brazing of specific, not standard and unique parts for mentioned similar classes of materials.

Consultancy and training of proprietary technique and technology in:

  • Suitable brazing alloy for different materials.
  • Brazing stages and complicated assembly.
  • Design and fabrication of brazing parts for ultra-high vacuum systems.
  • Brazing of parts for accelerators.
  • Suitable materials for brazing.
  • Metal-ceramics brazing.


  • Accelerator parts
  • Accelerator structures
  • Precision brazing
  • Brazing of advanced materials
  • Vacuum heat treatment processes
  • RF parts
  • Brazing temperature up to 1850 0C
  • Vacuum furnaces (10e-6 Torr)
  • Vertical or horizontal arrangement
  • Using alloys with low level of volatile elements (max. 0.01%)
  • Flexible approach to technologies
  • High repeatability of experiments
  • Maximal dimension of circumscribed circle for part is 200 mm
  • Maximal height of part is 450 mm
  • Using of material with high level of volatile element (higher than 0.02%)
  • manufacturing
  • realization
  • service
  • operation
  • use 

Patent N 3025 A, – AM20160022, 2016, Apparatus for Vacuum Welding, Intellectual Property Agency, Republic of Armenia,

Contact person:

Dr. Volodymyr Dekhtiarov, PhD


Head of engineering-technological department

Phone: +37477348316