March 25, 2019

A novel device for reviving the brain after a stroke

One of the investigations of the Laboratory of Experimental Biology (CANDLE Institute) is directed to the understanding of the pathological mechanisms that drive chronic alterations in the ischemic brain. For that purpose, the two-photon microscopy station of CANDLE SRI is used. The latter opens unique opportunities for researchers to record large scale neural activity. The key point in this technique is that the researcher can see neural firing activity in the specific local volume.

The PhD student of Yerevan State Medical University Senik Matinyan gave an interview to SPUTNIK Armenia, introducing the latest achievements in their research on the project for designing a new device which will help the body to create neurons in the brain replacing the dead ones.

“The work of the affected areas of the brain can be activated by electrical and optical pulses. The new device will accurately dose them.”