September 19, 2017

S-band Accelerating Structure Development

The first results of the ongoing study on S-band accelerating structure development at “Accelerator Technology” Laboratory (CANDLE SRI) have been published in Journal of Instrumentation (V. Sh. Avagyan, et al., “Some Technological Features for Fabrication of Accelerating Structures”, JINST, v.12, P07025, July, 2017). The activities started in 2015 by a specialized team of engineers and scientists under the leadership of Prof. Vardan Avagyan, aiming to create a technological line for the brazing of accelerating structures. The  brazing station is already completed, with some innovative solutions for temperature control during the fabrication of long structures. Along with the design study, the in-house fabrication of accelerating structures is a decisive part towards AREAL energy upgrade to 20-50 MeV, with the intention of creating Mid-Infrared and THz Free Electron Lasers. AREAL is a laser driven electron accelerator producing ultrashort 0.4-8 ps pulses for advanced studies in the fields of ultrafast sciences and accelerator concepts.