August 28, 2019

Advanced Laser Technologies for Ultrafast Sciences

In the framework of the joint CANDLE-AVESTA project on “Development of Laser Technologies for Investigations of Ultrafast Processes at AREAL Facility”, “AVESTA” Ltd, a leading Russian company in the fields of ultrafast laser systems, diagnostics and spectroscopy, has successfully completed a new research stand with tunable IR laser and THz spectrometer. The project was conducted within the Russian-Armenian joint Call, launched by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (known as Bortnik Foundation, Russia) and State Committee of Sciences MES (Armenia).

The AVESTA tunable laser system with phase synchronization has been installed at DELTA bio-medical laboratory, widening the research highlights of the laboratory in multi-photon microscopy. In addition, the new system will promote the pump-probe experiments for studying the dynamics of ultrafast processes at molecular and atomic levels.

The THz spectrometer will support the Terahertz program at the Institute, aimed to develop advanced high-frequency acceleration and radiation concepts.