October 26, 2015

AREAL International Advisory Committee Meeting

On 21-23 October 2015, meeting of the AREAL facility International Advisory Committee was held at the CANDLE Institute. The program of the meeting included presentations, reports and discussions. The status of the 5 MeV AREAL laser driven accelerator and DELTA experimental laboratories were introduced to ITAC members. During the meeting, the AREAL upgrade program was presented which implies the energy increase up to 50 MeV with further beam delivery to ALPHA and BETA stations. ALPHA – Amplified Light Pulse for High-end Applications – is designated for generation of THz Free Electron Laser in undulator section. BETA – Booster for Emerging Technology Accelerators – is designated for the experimental study of advanced accelerator concepts and novel radiation sources. The time schedule and milestones of the AREAL project development were discussed.