May 30, 2017

DESY: Undulator for AREAL THz FEL is Shipped

Following the agreement between Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY (Germany) and CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute on “THz Undulator Exchange” signed on Armenian-German Science Day “From Theory to Practice” (October, 2015), the undulator magnet has been shipped from DESY to CANDLE.  This in-kind contribution from DESY is a remarkable milestone towards the creation of AREAL THz Free Electron Laser in Armenia.

An undulator is a long magnet, having a periodic structure of alternating polarity dipoles, where the electrons move along a sinusoidal path and emit electromagnetic waves at resonant frequencies in a narrow cone. The THz undulator magnet is the key component of the projected ALPHA (Amplified Light Pulse for High-end Applications) experimental station at AREAL electron linear accelerator with laser driven RF gun. The new station is designated for generation of coherent radiation in Mid-Infrared and THz wavelength range, based on SASE Free Electron Laser (FEL) principle, using 20-50 MeV energy electron beams from upgraded AREAL linac.