September 26, 2014

First Test Experiments at the DELTA Laboratory

The installation of the two-photon laser scanning microscope (MOM) from Sutter Instruments and laser µFAB Microfabrication Workstation from Newport Co have been successfully completed. Ultrafast, high-pulse-energy solid state IR laser designated for AREAL facility was used to operate both microscope and microfabrication stations. The high-repetition rate pulses from the laser oscillator are used for operation of the MOM microscope, while the high-energy pulses from the output of the amplifier are used for the microfabrication station.


As a test of operation condition of the microscope, the fluorescence images from the specimen of Bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells labeled with Invitrogen BODIPY FL were taken.candle-labs5

The successful operation of the µFAB station was demonstrated by laser ablation of a simple pattern on a silicon wafer.