March 5, 2015

Presentation of the first Experimental Results on AREAL facility

The research groups from the Department of Genetics (Biology Faculty, Head Prof. Rouben Aroutiounian) and the Department of Molecular Physics (Physics Faculty, Head Prof. Eva Dalyan) of Yerevan State University have presented the first experimental results on the AREAL facility conducted in the framework of the project “ Study of Molecular-genetic Effects of Ultra-fast Radiation”. The main experimental set-ups, first results, nearest plans and new experimental highlights on AREAL facility have been discussed. The presented topics were the following:

  • Study of Molecular-genetic Effects on AREAL

Prof. R. Aroutiounian (Dept. of Genetics, YSU)

Dr. N. Babayan (Dept. of Genetics, YSU)


  • The AREAL electron beam irradiation of DNA / Porphyrin solutions

Dr. L. Aloyan ( Dept. of Molecular Physics, YSU)

CANDLE team congratulates the Research Teams with the successful start-up and accomplishment of the first stage of the experiment on AREAL. It is a solid step forward to the creation of robust AREAL User community and the Facility further development.