October 25, 2016

Si Electronic Center Formation by Ultrafast Irradiation

Recently, the latest experimental results on Si crystal ultrafast irradiation by AREAL 3.5 MeV energy electron beam analysis, conducted by the research team (head Prof. H. Yeritsyan) from A.I. Alikhanian National Science Laboratory (YerPhI) have been published in Springer Journal of Electronic Materials (H. Yeritsyan et al., “Simulation of Electronic Center Formation by Irradiation in Silicon Crystals”, Journal of Electronic Materials, v. 45, № 11, 2016:10-1007_s11664-016-4975-6).

The study on localized electronic centers, formed in crystals by external impurity introduction and irradiation, is presented. The main aim is to determine the nature of these centers in the forbidden gap of energy states of the crystal lattice. In case of semiconductors, silicon (Si) was applied as a model material to determine the energy levels and concentration of radiation defects.

The outcomes of this study represent a different point of view regarding the nature of energy levels responsible for the results of Hall-effect measurements; consequently, the introduction of radiation defects into silicon crystals by irradiation.