July 9, 2016

Summer Internship at CANDLE

A few months ago Mr. Martin Unzog (MA student in physics, Graz University (Austria)) expressed a wish to complete a summer internship at CANDLE SRI. Currently, he is actively involved in the ongoing works and is conducting a very prolific activity at the state-of-the-art laser driven facility on ultrafast relativistic electron accelerator (AREAL) and two laser microfabrication, laser scanning two-photon microscopy stations at DELTA laboratory. His internship is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Arsham Yeremyan (head of Optics and Photonics Laboratory). The preliminary program of his internship is as follows:

AREAL facility:

  • Introduction to the basics of laser driven linacs and their applications; the main nodes and features of the AREAL facility, methods of measurements and control;
  • Learning to operate the AREAL femtosecond laser system: optical, electronic, and software control of the laser, monitoring of the laser parameters;
  • Assistance to the AREAL team and participation in an ongoing experiment as the operator of the driving femtosecond laser.

DELTA 2P-microscopy station:

  • Introduction to the fluorescent and two-photon fluorescent microscopy and their (biological) applications; peculiarities of the 2P-microscopy;
  • Training and acquiring the skills in 2P-microscopy: operation of the DELTA microscopy station, sample preparation/measurements, software analyses;
  • Assistance to a CANDLE professional in carrying the experiments.

DELTA uFAB station:

  • Introduction to the femtosecond laser processing of materials: fields of state of the art and prospective applications;
  • Operation of DELTA uFAB station: alignment of the optics, measurements of laser beam parameters, software control of microfabrication process;
  • Software design and laser-fabrication of microstructure patterns on surfaces of different materials;
  • Technical report of activities.