February 16, 2023

The Continuation of Series Experiments: Registration of Ultrashort, Narrowly Directed High-power Radiation

Ultrashort, high peak powered and narrowly directed pulses of electromagnetic radiation in the giga-terahertz frequency range were successfully registered jointly with colleagues from the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics (IAPP, NAS RA, Armenia), Tomsk Polytechnical University (TPU, Russia), Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics “Frascati National Laboratories” and Royal Holloway the University of London at the linear electron accelerator AREAL, CANDLЕ SRI.

Radiation was generated in a small waveguide, 10 cm long and 4 cm in diameter, filled with a dielectric containing a hollow channel. The direction of radiation corresponded to the well-known Cherenkov condition for emitting electrons and the dielectric filling the waveguide. The radiation was generated by a millimeter bunch of electrons containing approximately 100 million electrons. The obtained experimental results were in good agreement with the previously predicted theoretical data.

The joint experiments were conducted by Dr. A. Potylitsin (TPU), Dr. S. Dabagov (INFN LNF), Dr. P. Karataev (RHUL), Dr. M. Shevelev (TPU), Dr. A. Vukolov (TPU), as well as IAPP NAS RA and CANDLE teams.