November 15, 2016

Ultrafast Irradiation Effects on DNA

An international team of scientists headed by Prof. A. N. Osipov (Head of the Division of Experimental Radiobiology and Radiation Medicine, Federal Medical Biophysical Center after A.I. Burnazyan, Russian Federation) and corr. member of NAS RА, Prof. R. M. Aroutiounian (Head of Department of Genetics and Cytology, Yerevan State University) started an experimental research program on radiation biomedicine at AREAL laser driven accelerator. The program includes experimental studies of ultra-relativistic electron pulses interaction with biological objects; molecular genetic effects, dynamics of DNA damage and repair under ultra-fast irradiation, development of new techniques. “The first results have exceeded our expectations and we are planning a series of studies on the most important problems of modern radiation medicine using the unique opportunities of AREAL facility for generation of relativistic ultrashort electron pulses. Ultrashort pulses allow to perform clean precise experiments and to investigate the dynamics of reactions at cellular and molecular levels. It is very important for a deep understanding of many processes in biological systems.” says Prof. A. N. Osipov.