November 19, 2013

Visit of Mr. Tsugio Makimoto, Mrs. Kumiko Makimoto and Mr. Anthony Moroyan to the CANDLE SRI

Mr. Tsugio Makimoto, President of Semiconductor Industry Association, former CEO of the Hitachi Company, Mrs. Kumiko Makimoto and Mr. Anthony Moroyan, CEO and Chairman of Viasphere International, Inc. visited the CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute. The CANDLE SRI staff presented the status of the CANDLE Synchrotron Light Source Project and the implementation of its first phase – the AREAL laser driven RF gun linear accelerator. Special attention was attached to the experimental programs at the AREAL and CANDLE facilities and the applied research issues in the field of semiconductor industry. During his visit to Armenia, Mr. Tsugio Makimoto also received the RA Presidential Award for Global Contribution in area of IT for year 2013.