December 26, 2014

Experimental program 2015 at AREAL facility

The experimental program at the AREAL facility is gaining momentum. Following the State Committee of Science 2014 User Proposal Call for experimental research on AREAL facility five proposals have been accepted in the fields of life, material and radiation sciences. The list of accepted proposals is:

  • Study of Electro-physical Properties of Silicon and Silicon-dielectric Structures, Yerevan Physics Institute, RA
  • Study of Molecular-genetic Effects of Ultrafast Radiation, Yerevan State University, RA
  • Study of Potential Biological Sources for Anti-aging Compounds, Institute of Molecular Biology, National Academy of Sciences, RA
  • Investigation of ferroelectric nanofilm characteristics by electron beam irradiation, State Engineering University of Armenia , RA
  • Principle-proof Experiment of Single Mode Accelerating Structure, CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute, RA

The preparatory works on the experimental stations are in progress and year 2015 is going to be the year of the new scientific achievements benefitial for entire scientific community. The start-up of the experimental program by the research groups from various scientific institutions and its successful implementation is seen as an important milestone towards the establishment of the AREAL user community.