August 3, 2016

Article in Armenisch-Deutsche Korrespondenz 2016

An article “DESY-CANDLE: A German-Armenian Cooperation in Science” by Klaus Floettmann (DESY) and Vasili Tsakanov (CANDLE) has been published in the quarterly journal Armenisch-Deutsche Korrespondenz (ADK, 171, p. 44-45, 2016).

The ADK is being published since 1973 by the German-Armenian Society, ( founded in 1914, Berlin. Apart from Johannes Lepsius, a German Protestant priest and the first chairman, its original members included Paul Rohrbach (German journalist) and Avetik Isahakyan (Armenian writer).

This journal addresses the German-speaking audience and contains current and historic articles about all subjects relevant to Armenia, covering among others also politics, culture, history, religion and human rights.

The present article outlines some topics related to past and present collaboration between German and Armenian scientists in the fields of high energy and accelerator physics with an emphasis given to DESY–CANDLE cooperation.

The PDF file of the original article (in German): Article-G

The PDF file of English translation: Article-E