January 30, 2023

CANDLE SRI Purchased High-Performance Reference Class Dose Meter With Accessories From IBA Dosimetry

Financed by the 2021 SCS grant program for the “Modernization of Infrastructure, Material and Technical Base in the Field of Science” CANDLE SRI purchased a high-performance reference class dose meter with accessories from IBA Dosimetry. “DOSE-1” is a portable, single-channel, high-precision reference class electrometer for measurements of absorbed dose with beam currents up to 1 mA.

Dose, dose rate, average dose rate, charge, current, and dose per monitor unit are all measured and displayed simultaneously. “DOSE-1” package contains advanced measurement and calibration software, as well as a NACP-02 Ion chamber sensor which is designed according to recommendations of the Nordic Association of Clinical (Medical) Physicists – NACP. The typical sensitivity is 6 nC/Gy.