May 20, 2019

EU experts visit CANDLE

Within the “HORIZON 2020 Policy Support Facility” program and upon the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, an expert team has been appointed by the EU commission to elaborate recommendations for the Armenian scientific institutions/HEIs in developing a model for the evaluation and assessment of their research, promotion activities, in strengthening the linkage between science and education.

On the 20th of May CANDLE hosted the Experts Team, who visited the Institute in the framework of “Special Support to Armenia” initiation. An overview was given on AREAL facility and its upgrade program, experimental stations and laboratories, the research network and policies, training and educational programs, international cooperation, etc. Afterwards, a discussion was held during which the near and future perspectives of the team, incorporating some trending projects on strengthening the cooperation with international partners were introduced. The importance of governmental and international support for the long-term sustainable development of the Institute, for the creation of new generation of scientists and engineers and establishment of a strong user community together with universities and academic institutions was outlined.