March 24, 2017

High Frequency Laminated Structure

The laminated round metallic waveguide is one of the promising options for high frequency single-mode accelerating structures. Under certain conditions the longitudinal impedance of such type structures has a narrow-band resonance that corresponds to slowly propagating synchronous TM01 fundamental mode. The results of the first experimental measurements, performed for the copper cavity of rectangular cross section with inner germanium layers, are published in the recent issue of Journal of Instrumentation (M. Ivanyan et al., “On the Resonant Behavior of Laminated Accelerating Structures”, JINST, 12, P03019, 2017). The measurements show the existence of a dedicated resonant frequency being in a good agreement with the one predicted for laminated parallel plates.

The single-mode laminated accelerating structures in THz region have been studied in previous papers of the group (Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams, 17 (2), 021302, 2014 and Nucl. Intsr. Meth. A, 829, 187-189, 2016). The new type of laminated waveguide can serve as a single-mode traveling wave THz accelerating structure. The experimental studies of the laminated structures at AREAL facility are foreseen.