September 17, 2014

Installation of DELTA laboratory experimental stations

Installation of the main research tools for Bio-medical and Nanotechnology stations of DELTA (Dedicated Experimental Lines for Time-resolved Analyses) laboratory is launched. DELTA experimental stations are driven by ultrafast high pulse energy solid state IR laser designated for AREAL facility.
Bio-medical station is based on the laser scanning two-photon microscope of Sutter Instruments Co (USA). The nanotechnology station is based on laser uFAB Microfabrication Workstation of Newport Co (USA). The installation and tests are performed under the leadership of Dr. R. Zadoyan. ( Newport Co). Installation team members are : Prof. L. Muradyan ( YSU), Dr. Yeremyan (CANDLE), Dr. T. Sargsyan (Laser Technics), Dr. S. Tatikyan ( CANDLE), Mr. H. Davtyan (CANDLE) and MS H. Toneyan (YSU).