July 3, 2023

New X-Ray Irradiation facility -MultiRAD 350 at CANDLE

In the framework of State Committee grant program “Modernization of Infrastructure, Material and Technical Base in the Field of Science”, which was approved for financing at the end of 2021, CANDLE SRI has purchased a “MultiRAD 350” X-Ray Irradiation unit, produced by US company “PRECISION”.
Provided variety of operating regimes and new experimental possibilities proposed by “MultiRAD 350”, make it a successful addition for replenishing the existing set of equipments and facilities, which are used in an implementation of a wide range of irradiation experiments in life and material sciences carried out at CANDLE SRI.
Equipment was delivered and installed at CANDLE SRI in mid of June 2023. In parallel, training was conducted and successfully completed by a representative of “PRECISION” company. New proposals for experimental work, which will include the capabilities of the new equipment, are being prepared by scientists from the CANDLE, as well as scientists from other scientific organizations.