November 12, 2015

News from the DELTA Microscopy Station

The three dimensional (3D) imaging technique of biological samples has been successfully proceeded at the DELTA two-photon microscopy station. The sample’s 3D imaging is performed by using the ImageJ program. This is a solid step forward to carrying out advanced researches in the fields of biology and medicine. The 3D image of pollen grain is shown in the video below. Part of the x, y, z  scanning results for pollen grain 3D image acquisition is given in image 1.  For obtaining the 3D image, for about 50 slice images have been used totally.

At the Institute of Biotechnology NAS RA a research of different cultures fermentation processes, for biologically active compounds biosynthesis, is being carried out. Using the DELTA two-photon microscopy station, scientists are able to study the interaction of various cultures during joint fermentation. Image 2 shows the yeast and lactobacillus interactions during the joint fermentation obtained at the DELTA two-photon microscopy station.