February 24, 2017

Practical Courses on Accelerators

New practical course on accelerator physics, technology and applications has been launched at CANDLE SRI for the students of Physics Faculty (Yerevan State University). The program includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to accelerators
  • Beam diagnostics and control
  • RF systems and measurements
  • Magnets and measurements
  • Vacuum technology and test stands
  • Accelerator engineering and technology
  • Radiation safety and dosimetry
  • Lasers and optical systems
  • Beam delivery and experiments
  • Laser micro-fabrication
  • Laser fluorescence microscopy

The courses are held once a week and are an integral part of University educational program (with credits). The program anticipates student training under the guidance of Institute staff. An introductory class was held on 23 February 2017.