December 7, 2022

Series of Experiments Were Performed To Observe Coherent Transition Radiation And Coherent Cherenkov Radiation

Successful series of experiments to observe Coherent Transition Radiation (CTR) and Coherent Cherenkov Radiation (CCR) generated by sub-picosecond electron bunches of AREAL linear accelerator were performed jointly with colleagues from Institute of Applied Problems of Physics (IAPP, NAS RA, Armenia), and Tomsk Polytechnical University (TPU, Russia).  A hollow core cylindrical dielectric-lined (fused-silica) waveguide was used to investigate the angular distribution and CCR polarization in Giga-TeraHertz frequency range.

The joint experiments were conducted by Dr. A. Potylitsin, Dr. M. Shevelev (TPU), Dr. V. Kocharyan and Dr. D. Baghdasaryan (IAPP, NAS RA), as well as AREAL team. The preliminary results were satisfactory for appointing the continuation of farther experiments in 2023.