August 26, 2020

“Transferring V4 expertise in knowledge/technology transfer” Project

CANDLE SRI, in cooperation with ASUE (coordinator, Armenia), TSU (Georgia), SUT (Poland), TUKE (Slovakia) and Masaryk University (Czech Republic) has been approved for funding of “Transferring V4 expertise in knowledge/technology transfer” project under Visegrad + grants scheme.

The project is aimed at promoting R&D culture within Armenian and Georgian SMEs, academia and Research Infrastructures based on the succeeded expertise of V4 partners for establishing feasible operation schemes and cooperation networks between the involved stakeholders. Within the project, it is planned:

  • to increase the awareness of Armenian and Georgian SMEs, research and academic institutions regarding the benefits of joint R&D activities;
  • to enhance the knowledge and strengthen capacities of research and academic staff in charge of knowledge/technology transfer activities at their home institutions;
  • to develop knowledge/technology transfer strategies at research/academic institutions of targeted EaP countries;
  • to develop a conceptual framework for SMEs-research-academia cooperation in EaP region.

The project implementation period is 18 months.