February 2, 2016

Meetings with Research Groups

Within the period of 15-31 January 2016 a number of meetings between CANDLE staff and Yerevan State University, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Yerevan Physics Institute, Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine and Burns, Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Molecular Biology and Institute of Physical Researches of NAN RA research groups took place. The new scientific proposals for the experimental research at AREAL and DELTA facilities have been discussed. The proposals cover diverse fields of physics, biology, materials, life and environmental sciences.

AREAL – Advanced Research Electron Accelerator Laboratory – is a 5 MeV laser driven accelerator for generation of precise ultrashort (subpicosecond) electron beams.

DELTA- Dedicated Experimental Lines for Time Resolved Analysis – is a laboratory with a laser driven two-photon microscopy and microfabrication stations.

The scientific groups got acquainted with the main experimental setups of CANDLE SRI. Technical details of up-coming experiments have been discussed, including the organizational aspects, time schedule, the contact between CANDLE specialists and users, required materials and apparatus.

With the new set of proposals, the total number of research groups, involved in the experiments carried out at AREAL and DELTA facilities, has reached 18 (26 research projects in total).