April 27, 2012

Visit of Prime Minister of Armenia to the CANDLE SRI

Chaired by the Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, the CANDLE Project Coordinating Committee held a meeting at CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute. Prior to referring to the agenda issues, Tigran Sargsyan toured the CANDLE premises to get acquainted with the laboratories, their ongoing and upcoming activities.

The actions for the CANDLE project progress and the realization of its first stage – the AREAL linear accelerator construction was presented. In particular, a number of meetings have been held and cooperation agreements have been concluded over the past months with the French, Italian, German and Swiss accelerator centers. As a result, unique high-technology equipment has been and will be contributed for the construction of the AREAL linear accelerator. The operation of the AREAL is foreseen in 2013. Young researchers working at the CANDLE have been sent to leading European accelerator laboratories to be trained and get experienced.

The Prime Minister instructed the heads of relevant ministries and bodies to include the CANDLE project in the priorities of scientific-technical cooperation with Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland and China.

The AREAL linear accelerator will generate an ultra-short low-emittance electron beam that is a prospective direction of beam physics and is a priority focus for many leading laboratories. The project is realized in cooperation with German DESY accelerator center (Germany) and Paul Scherer Institute (Switzerland).