July 9, 2013

Visit of Prime Minister of Armenia to the CANDLE SRI

The CANDLE project Coordinating Board under the leadership of the Prime Minister of Armenia Mr. Tigran Sargsyan held a meeting at the CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute. The members got acquainted with the progress in the realization of the first phase of the CANDLE project, namely the construction of the AREAL laser gun linear accelerator that will generate ultra-short electron bunches for advanced research in accelerator technologies, coherent radiation sources and wide range of applied studies. The performance of the accelerator different subsystems and the capabilities of donated equipments from Germany and Switzerland were demonstrated to the Board members. Special equipment designed and fabricated at the CANDLE was presented separately. After reviewing the course of the work, achievements were summarized. Necessary steps for the launch of accelerator and future plans were also discussed.