April 16, 2014

Visit of Prof. Mark M. Van Hulle and Dr. Naira M. Ayvazyan to the CANDLE SRI

On April 16, Prof. Mark M. Van Hulle, Laboratory of Neuro- and Psychophysiology, Medical School in Leuven, Belgium and Dr. Naira M. Ayvazyan, Director of the Institute of Physiology in Yerevan paid a visit to the CANDLE SRI. During the visit, the guests were introduced with the CANDLE Synchrotron light source project, status of the AREAL laser driven RF gun linear accelerator and its near and long-term experimental programs. Particular attention was attached to the scheduled AREAL-based Dedicated Experimental Laboratory for Time-resolved Analysis (DELTA) with laser scanning microscope that gives the opportunity for advanced research in the fields of life, material and environmental sciences. Other issues on cooperative programs were also discussed.